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Perspectives on Origen Ebook PDF

and the History of his 'Reception

The present volume contains papers on Origen and the history of his reception which were presented at a series of workshops at the Eighteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held at Oxford in August 2019. They provide multifarious insights into various aspects of Origen’s thought and his impact on different topics of theology, exegesis and philosophy from Late Antiquity to Early Modern Times. By connecting the Alexandrian’s legacy with recent developments in Patristics and Classics, they open up new perspectives for Origen scholarship in the new millenium. Research on Origen can be connected with studies, e.g., on rhetoric and power, on individuality and diversity, on gender and equality issues, on determinism and freedom and on questions of cultural transfer and transformation. The contributions to this volume can thus be taken as starting points for future studies on Origen within the broader context of contemporary research in science and the humanities.
Fürst, Alfons
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