Hübenthal, Christoph
erschienen 12.06.2006
Bandnummer 3
ISBN 978-3-402-00572-9
Preis 49,00 €
Veith, Werner / Hübenthal, Christoph
erschienen 12.09.2005
Bandnummer 1
ISBN 978-3-402-00570-5
Preis 19,80 €
Hense, Elisabeth/Hübenthal, Christoph/Speelman, Willem Marie (eds)
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This book provides a critical reflection on what is currently referred to as ‘a good life’. Against the backdrop of an overestimation of a one-sided materialism, people realize that they need to reshape their own evaluation systems in light of their spiritual desires and ethical values. For this purpose, the book starts with exploring some disciplinary approaches that seek to answer the following questions: what is quality of life?; where can it be found?; and how can it be improved? Subsequently, different aspects of the quality of life – as expressed in concepts and images drawn from scholarly and spiritual literature – will be examined. Finally, the findings of this part will be elucidated with quality of life cases from the Netherlands.
erschienen 20.06.2017
ISBN 978-3-402-13119-0
Preis 29,90 €


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