Justenhoven, Heinz-Gerhard (Hrsg.)
erschienen 08.03.2018
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ISBN 978-3-402-11722-4
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Justenhoven, Heinz-Gerhard/ O'Connell, Mary
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In 1963, Pope John XXIII’s renowned peace encyclical Pacem in Terris offered a practical vision beyond the accepted international policies of his time and called for renewed commit-ment to the United Nations and international law. Fifty years later, the authors of this book critically debate the ideas for ‘global political authority’ and global law from their respective perspectives. Is the quest for a ‘global political authority’ well- or ill-founded? Can the Interna-tional Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court be seen as an international authority in the making? Or do we have to strive for alternative concepts for global authority that global governance theories have to offer?
erschienen 25.04.2016
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ISBN 978-3-402-11694-4
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