The Quest for Quality of Life

Hense, Elisabeth/Hübenthal, Christoph/Speelman, Willem Marie (eds)
The Quest for Quality of Life
Approaches, concepts and images with a special focus on The Netherlands
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From the perspectives of various disciplines, this book provides a critical reflection on, and evaluation of, what is currently referred to as ‘a good life’, ‘quality of life’ or ‘fullness of life’. Against the backdrop of a striking overestimation of a one-sided materialism, people realize that they need to cross the boundaries of the status quo and reshape their evaluation systems in the light of their spiritual desires and ethical values. To make the right decisions, they have to re-think what is truly valuable to them. For this purpose, the book starts with some disciplinary approaches seeking to answer the following questions: what is quality of life?; in which human conditions and practices can it be detected?; and how can these conditions and practices be established or improved? Subsequently, different aspects of the quality of life – as expressed in concepts and images drawn from scholarly and spiritual literature – will be examined. Finally, the findings of this part will be elucidated with quality of life cases from the Netherlands.

Über den Autor

Elisabeth Hense (Ph.D. Radboud 2001) is Assistant Professor of Spirituality at Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands). She has published several monographs and many articles on spirituality, including edited volumes Towards a Theory of Spirituality (Peeters, 2011) and Present-Day Spiritualities (Brill, 2014). Her current research is on the impact of spirituality on societal renewal in the Netherlands, as evidenced in Volle Oogst (van Arkel, 2017).
Christoph Hübenthal (Dr. theol. Tübingen 1996; habil. 2006) is Professor of Systematic Theology and co-Director of the Center for Catholic Studies at Radboud University (the Netherlands). He has published books and articles on theological ethics and public theology such as Grundlegung der christlichen Sozialethik (Aschendorff 2006), Handbuch Ethik, co-edited with Marcus Düwell and Micha H. Werner (Metzler 2011) and Moderne orthodoxie (Radboud University 2015).
Willem Marie Speelman (Ph.D. Tilburg 1995) is Assistant Professor of Spirituality at Tilburg School of Catholic Theology and Director of the Franciscan Study Centre (the Netherlands). He has published on spirituality, liturgy and the media. His most recent book is Zie dat ik ben. Christelijke spiritualiteit als weg tot menswording (BerneMedia, 2016), and he is co-editor of Poverty as Problem and Poverty as Path / Armut als Problem und Armut als Weg (Franciscan Institute / Aschendorff 2017).
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